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Ink Pad V1.3

2011-07-02 11:59:23 by llamamessanger

Added color. See it here:

Ink pad

2011-06-30 22:41:58 by llamamessanger

Wow. First update in a long time. I'm practicing actionscript (Still AS2) and getting a lot better. I've started a paint-style program, and will be posting versions after they get developed.



Obviously, version two is far better, and I'll be improving and adding more as I go along. Also, here's something I drew with it as practice.

Ink pad

New game!

2010-06-06 16:16:30 by llamamessanger

Go play it!


2010-01-01 20:47:19 by llamamessanger

So it's 2010...

Pros: No more "2009" New Years glasses.
Cons: Will write "010" on form instead of "10" for half the year.

Stick Figure Factory, Coming Soon!

2009-04-07 22:48:03 by llamamessanger

Soon I will finish my third submission: The Stick Figure Factory.

Do you know where stick figures come from?
You'll know soon...

<Edit> I have added to the animation, and it now includes what happens to the stick figure later in its life. A sequel may be in the making.